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This main page's main goal is to keep our readers informed and updated on anything and everything that is related to whales. On this page, you will find articles on the type of whale that you have been looking for. You will also find interesting facts on any type of baleen whale and toothed whale as well as on whale anatomy. You will also read on articles based on the motto "A whale of a Tale" as well as on whale endangered species and whale watching tours.

Feed your mind with interesting facts and all kind of information on whales. As soon as your eyes run through the lines of these articles on whales, sharing some knowledgeable facts about these beloved marine mammals, your mind will open up and grow beyond your expectations.

Here are various articles on endangered species of whales or what may add them to the endangered species' list:

Is global warming endangering Arctic whales?

Here are various articles on each type of whale:

Belugas, the friendly whales!

The Narwhal, a "real" legend!

The Sperm whale is not a novel's creation!

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