What are the baleen whale and toothed whale species?

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Whales, like any other mammals, they share the same characteristics. For example, they have lungs that inhale oxygen through the air and exhale CO2 the same way. They have hair on their body, especially while young which explains that a baby whale has more hair than its mother or other adult whale. They are also warm-blooded which explains the fact that they maintain a higher body temperature. They also have mammary glands which allow its baby to nourish itself. And finally, the whales have a heart that contains four chambers as well.

This page will help you in your search of the whale species. For example, amongst the 10 species included in the baleen whale type, we will introduce you to species such as the blue whale and the humpback whale. The name of baleen whale comes from the baleen plate that characterizes this type of Cetacean. This natural filter lets the food in and allows the water out of the mouth which is describes the unique feeding process of these species.

While these species can be of impressive dimensions, they are known as being gentle giants. One of these giants is the largest animal living on our planet, the blue whale.

On the other hand, we will also introduce you to the toothed whale species. Amongst these species, you will learn about such whales as the beluga whale and the narwhal whale. The teeth of these species allow them to tear and chew their preys to facilitate their ingestion when not swallowed whole. These species are known to be more aggressive and ferocious than their relatives, the baleen whales.

The 10 baleen whale species are: the Blue whale, the Bowhead whale, Bryde's whale, the Fin whale, the Gray whale, the Humpback whale, the Minke whale, the Pygmy Right whale, the Right whale and the Sei Whale.

The 23 toothed whale species are: the Sperm whale, the Pygmy Sperm whale, the Dwarf Sperm whale, Andrew's Beaked whale, Arnoux's Beaked whale, Baird's Beaked whale, Blainville's Beaked whale, Curvier's Beaked whale, Gervais' Beaked whale, Gingko-Toothed Beaked whale, Gray's Beaked whale, Hector's Beaked whale, Hubb's Beaked whale, Longman's Beaked whale, Northern Bottlenose whale, Southern Bottlenose whale, Sowerby's Beaked whale, Strapthoothed whale, Stejneger's Beaked whale, Tasman Beaked whale, True's Beaked whale, the Beluga and the Narwhal.

If you wish to learn more information concerning each of these species, I invite you to read the articles related to them. Now, you can undoubtedly answer the question: "What are the baleen whale and toothed whale species?"

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