What is so fascinating about whales? Well, where do I begin? These cetaceans of impressive dimensions always inspired both respect and fear amongst people. Over time, whales filled the sailors stories accompanied of course of imaginary adventures and exaggerated facts.

For centuries, these gentle giants were not only blamed for the death of sinking ships and their crew but were also the victims of whaling and its growing industry. These marine mammals went from sea monsters and mermaids to endangered cetaceans.

Mermaids? Sea monsters? Well, what would you call Moby Dick? What was in fact based on sperm whale tracked down and victimized by whalers actually became a well known novel which traded the identity of a tortured whale in a horrible blood-thirsty sea monster hunting down whalers.

Interested in another famous whale tale? Well, let's talk about mermaids! For centuries, sailors feared the threats of the oceans blaming gods, sea monsters, etc. One of the legends that captured people's attention for years was this female creature that was told to be half fish, half human. Sailors were describing them as being beautiful temptresses attracting sailors with their melodious voice. It was said that they would guide the poor souls to a certain death towards rocks or reefs, sinking their ship and drowning the crew or leaving them to face sharks.

Nowadays, we know for a fact that people used to explain with stories what they did not comprehend as now, scientists and their research have proven that mermaids do not exist and that the creatures of these melodious sounds were none others than whales.

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