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A whale of a tale!
For centuries, whales have made history in various ways. Wrapped in legends based on fantasy rather than facts, whales were given a variety of shapes, appearances and often described as stalking cold blooded killers. In fact, it was a whale of a tale!

Articles on whales
A variety of articles all about whales.

What are the baleen whale and toothed whale species?
Whales are divided in two types of Cetaceans, the baleen whale and toothed whale. Each type is divided in several species. Let's discover them together!

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Endangered species vs. the whaling fact
Whaling is a way of harvesting whales for their oil and meat since 6,000 BC. Although, at first, it was used to feed people but whales are now mainly harvested for their high level of proteins. Let's find out the endangered species it put on the list!

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What type of whale is this?
Did you ever go on a whale watching trip and while admiring a whale breaching or swimming peaceful nearby a question kept popping up in your mind: "What type of whale is this?" Well, allow us to answer this question for you.

Whale anatomy
When people are thinking about whales, they have a few species in mind but they don't really know much about them. Physically, the whale anatomy may have similarities in both suborders but the fact is, they also have important differences.

Whale watching tours
Whale watching is an industry that generates approximately $1 billion to the ecotourism industry which also benefits the coastal communities by attracting tourists with their accommodations, restaurants and souvenirs.

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